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S Club Heaven Community

All the latest from S Club Heaven

S Club Heaven
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Welcome to the Live Journal community for the website S Club Heaven. It's here for a number of reasons:

(1) As an extra resource for visitors of S Club Heaven who use Live Journal - an updates blog informing people when the site has been updated and a forum to chat about those updates.

(2) To bring together fans of S Club 7 and S Club 8 and keep alive the memory of these great bands. This community is a place for fans to share old memories and keep each other informed of the latest news. It's a place to share our creative work, including icons and fan fiction

Community Rules

Please keep your posts on topic. All posts must have something to do with S Club

Make your post friends only if it has photos, screencaps or any other kinds of pictures.

One Last Thing

This community will be whatever we all make of it. Your moderator will do her best to keep the community active, to post news and start discussions whenever she can.